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Birthday Parties

We have missed our guests and are thrilled to once again help them create magical memories! The safety and well-being of our guests and staff is our priority and we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure their continued welfare.  

At this time , we are not accepting birthday reservations. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

booking Process

  • You can now book your entire party online!
  • Once your party is booked you will receive a confirmation email from a member of our team.
  • Check out our awesome "Birthday Party Packages" to see which one will best suit your needs.
  • For a timeline of the birthday party event details click "What to Expect"
  • If you have any additional questions please check our “FAQ” tab or email us at and a member of our team will reply back to you within 24-48 hours.

More Information

  • Parties will be booked and purchased on a first-come, first-served basis. Bookings must be completed 2 weeks in advance from your preferred event date. Final bookings are not confirmed until payment is made.
  • Maximum room capacity is 25 persons (or 50 persons when booking the ultimate package). This includes all adults, children and infants. Due to space limitations and building code requirements, we cannot allow additional guests to be present in the private party room for the event.
  • Additional guest tickets will be available for purchase at the admissions counter for $15 each. These guests will not have access to the private rooms.
  • Birthday party time slots are available Monday-Friday at 4PM and Saturday & Sunday at 11AM, 1PM, 3PM
  • All birthday party bookings must be completed online.

All cakes are provided by Whole Foods market

Premium Party Package: $650

  • Celebrate with up to 25 people (includes children and adults)
  • Party in our private event room for 75 minutes
  • A party Playmaker will run your event! 
  • Party go-ers will participate in a group build session hosted by your party Playmaker. 
  • Keep the party going with unlimited play in the Center after your time in the event room. 
  • Plus! Enjoy stress-free planning with everything included: 

    • Pizza for the entire party 
    • 25 cupcakes 
    • All party supplies (plates, napkins, utensils, balloons and candles) 
    • LEGOLAND Lanyard, Activity Pack & a birthday themed LEGO set for the birthday child! 
Ultimate Party Package: $999

  • Please note: If you purchased a party prior to Feb 1st you do not qualify for the new pricing of $999.00! 
  • Celebrate with up to 50 people (includes children and adults)
  • Enjoy all the benefits of the Premium Package plus: 

    • Build a mini figure for every child attending the party!
    • Exclusive meet & greet with one our LEGO costume characters!
    • LEGOLAND Lanyard, Activity Pack & a birthday themed LEGO set for the birthday child! 

What to expect

  • After arriving 15 minutes prior to your scheduled party time, you’ll find signage in front of the Center that states "The Party Starts Here!". Neither you nor any of your guests will need to get in line.
  • You will be greeted by your party host who will assist with check-in. You will provide your guest list to your party host, receive wristbands for you and your guests that will be present in our private party room, purchase additional adult tickets for your guests, and be led to the private party room at the start of your event.
  • When arriving at your private party room, you’ll find:
    • The room decorated with wall theming (letters spelling happy birthday and LEGO characters) and non-allergenic permanently installed balloons.
    • Colorful bins with LEGO brick will be placed on the tables for the build activities.
  • The age appropriate build activity will be conducted by your party host first and will last 15-30 minutes (depending on which package you have selected).
  • At the end of the build activity, beverages and pizza (if you’ve purchased the Premium or Ultimate Package) will be served.
  • The last thing served is the colorful, multi-colored icing cupcakes. The party host will bring the cupcakes into the room with candles to light so the party can sing happy birthday to the birthday child and have an exclusive LEGOLAND Discovery Center birthday video to follow. The cupcakes are very easy to serve, so when the video is over guests can help themselves and the party host will assist.
  • [Ultimate Party only] The meet-and-greet with Bertie, our LEGOLAND Discovery Center mascot, or one of his LEGO friends will take place. This is the perfect opportunity to take pictures with your favorite LEGO minifigure while in the party room.
  • Once the time in the party room is up, our party host(s) can assist in bringing any gifts or additional items to your vehicle. Any leftover food will be stored in our café & coffee shop and can be claimed when you conclude your stay. We will not be able to store personal belongings in the party rooms as we will need to prepare them for the following scheduled parties.
  • You and your guests are then free to enjoy the Center and its attractions for the remainder of your party after the time in the private room is up. Typically, guests spend 2 hours in the Center following the party room festivities. Your party host does not remain with you during this time and any additional beverages or food needed while in the Center are not complimentary.
  • If you wish, guest pick-up can take place in front of the Center where check-in/drop-off took place. Birthday parents generally communicate this to any parents who are just dropping off/picking up their children for the party.


Have you booked a birthday party at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia? Awesome, here you can download our birthday party invitations and thank you letters to send to your guests!



Q: Is outside food or catering allowed?
A: No. Outside food or catering is not allowed for the safety of our other guests in the Center. We do have a Coffee Shop & Café that serves sandwiches and other snack foods for those that may be interested in additional food options or who have special dietary needs. These items are not included in party package purchases.

Q: Can you accommodate special dietary needs?
A: We can accommodate special dietary needs with various offerings in our Coffee Shop & Cafe. The pizza and cake provided with the party, however, are not guaranteed to be allergen, dairy or gluten-free. If you have special dietary needs, please let us know and we will work with you in attempt to find a solution.

Q: What are the beverages offered at the party?
A: We offer water, and a mixture of juices for each party. We do not offer any additional beverage choices and will no longer be able to serve these beverages following the time spent in the party room.

Q: Can I order additional pizza for my party?
A: No, we cannot add-on to your pizza order. The quantity of pizza provided for each party more than accommodates the number of guests in the party.

Q: Can I order additional food for my party?
A: Yes, you are welcome to order food from our Coffee Shop & Café for the party. Please just let us know the quantities of what you would like to order and our team can have it prepared for the start of your event. This must be confirmed a minimum of one week in advance to ensure we have the items available. You will be able to pay for this order at our Coffee Shop & Café at the start of your event.

Q: What does the theming for the party include?
A: Theming includes wall graphics (happy birthday signage and an assortment of LEGO characters), colorful assortment of plates, napkins and utensils, and multi-colored cupcakes. Each room comes with permanently installed balloons with other LEGO-themed fixtures. If you would like to bring additional décor, we do not recommend this but it is certainly allowed. We do not allow additional balloons. These items will need to be coordinated in advance for the party hosts to assist on the day of the event.

Q: What is the flavor of the cupcakes?
A: The cupcakes are half vanilla and half chocolate.

Q: Are candles supplied?
A: Yes, we supply candles.

Q: What is the build activity? Is it age appropriate?
A: The build activity is a 15-30 minute group build that is hosted by the party host. When completing your booking, we ask the age of the child so we can make the build activity age appropriate to the party.

Q: What is the activity pack and small gift for the birthday child?
A: This is our exclusive LEGOLAND Discovery Center branded lanyard, attached with a booklet filled with activities and also includes a small birthday themed LEGO collectible set!

Q: What if I would like to provide my own party favors?
A: You may purchase LEGO themed items from our LEGO shop prior to your visit or can coordinate with us what you are interested in purchasing and we can have it prepared for you the day of your event. You will just be required to pay for the order in our LEGO shop the day of the event or beforehand.

Q: How many people can I bring to my child's birthday party?
A: Our private party rooms cannot exceed 25 persons each, which includes adults and children. The ultimate party package can include up to 50 persons total. There must be at least 1 adult present for the party, however, we highly recommend 1 adult per 5 children.

Q: Can I purchase tickets for additional adults outside of the 25 (or 50 for ultimate package) in my party? 
A: This ticket option will be available for purchase at the door for $15 a person. This ticket gets the adult access to the Center only. Access to the private party room and cake, beverage, or food is not included. These individuals will typically spend the first hour in the Coffee Shop & Café and join the party in the Center once the hour in the private party room is up.

Q: What if I want to have a party for up to 50 people?
A: If you want to hold a party for up to 50 people, we suggest your consider booking the ultimate party package. If not, we require that you reserve and book two parties of the other packages. We have two separate birthday party rooms with a divider wall that breaks down to create one large room that accommodates up to 50 people. 

Q: If some of my guests have Annual Passes, are they still included in the 25?
A: Any guests with Annual Passes are admitted to the Center for free, however, they will be included in the 25 persons in the private party room if they wish to be a part of the event. If they’d like to enter the Center, but not join the private room, they are welcome to do so. They could join the party once your time in the private room is up.

Q: If some of my guests are under the age of 3, are they still included in the 25?
A: Any guest that will be present in the private party room for the first hour will be included in the 25 persons total.

Q: Can I schedule a walk-through before or after booking my party?
A: Absolutely, we’d be happy to host you for a walk-through. We ask that you book this in advance with us, and it’s preferred that this take place Monday-Friday during our normal operating hours. This request can be included in the comments on our booking form or submitted through email at

Q: How do I submit payment? Do you accept down payments?
A: All payment is taken online; we do not accept payment over the phone. We do not accept down payments; all payment is made in full at the time of booking.

Q: What if I decided I would like to change the scheduled time, date, or package of my party?
A: Rescheduling your events time, date, or package must be confirmed with a LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia representative. We will do our best to assist in rescheduling your event date and time, as long as the availability permits.

Q: Once in the Center following the time spent in the party room, will I still have access to our party host?
A: No. The dedicated party host is scheduled with your party during your time in the private room. This individual will also assist with any needs you may have before or after the time in the private room to the best of their ability. We recommend that you have at least 1 adult per 5 children while in the Center to help with children supervision.

Q: How long do the parties typically last?
A: We recommend allowing 3 hours from drop-off to pick-up for your party. This includes 1 hour in the private party room, and 2 hours in the Center. Any pick-ups and drop-offs are encouraged to be communicated between parents prior to the event.

Q: Will my guests that arrive late have to get in line to enter the Center?
A: No, we will have a special chorale in the front of the Center for all of your party guests. They do not have to get in line. Have them check in with our admissions or retail staff and a party host will come up to the main entrance to assist.

Q: Do you offer storage options during the party?
A: We will have your gifts and party favors stored in bins while in the private party room. Once the time spent in the private room has concluded, we will assist in taking these items to your vehicle. We may hold any left over food from the party in our café & coffee shop until you conclude your stay. We will not be able to store personal belongs/gifts on-site when the time spent in the private room is up.

Q: Do you offer printed invites and thank you notes?
A: We do not offer printed invites or thank you notes. We do have PDF files shown on the "What to Expect" tab that guests can download after they book. The party parents would be responsible for adding the party details and getting them printed.

Q: Is it possible to do the different activities in the Center as a group?
A: We cannot guarantee that all activities can be done as a group in the Center, this is dependent on how busy we are. Our managers will do their best to accommodate this for your group.

Q: Where do guests park? Is parking free?
A: We are located within the Plymouth Meeting Mall. You can access through mall entrance #5. This is located near Boscovs and the Benihana restaurant. Parking is free.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: If you cancel your booking two weeks or more before the party date we can provide a full refund. If you cancel 2 weeks or less, we can reschedule your party for another date and/or time (subject to availability). If you need to cancel 24 hours or less before the party, we cannot offer a refund or reschedule your event.

Check out our party room! 

Here is a picture of our Premium Party setup. 

Our Ultimate party setup is a double room with the tables extended! (See below)

Party Room Image 1.jpg

Check out our gifts the birthday child receives on their special day! 

Each Premium/Ultimate Party the birthday boy/girl would receive: 

- (1) LEGO Cake themed build 

- (1) Birthday Crown 

- (1) Birthday Button

- (1) LEGO Robot Activity Pack 

- (1) Birthday Pop Badge 

Prem_Ultimate party gifts.jpg

Check out our party room! 

Here is a picture of our Ultimate Party setup. We will open up the divider for double the fun!

UP photo.jpg