Get to know Mike!

Hi! My name is Michael and I'm the Master Model Builder at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia.

About Mike:

  • Best thing ever built out of LEGO bricks? How long did it take? How many bricks?
    The best thing so far has been my spinning LEGO Globe in my workshop. It took about 5 hours to design and build and uses more than 600 bricks.

  • Favorite LEGO set?
    #70810 The LEGO Movie Sea Cow Ship 

  • First LEGO set?
    #1560 Glory Glider, a tiny airplane that came free in a cereal box.

Top 5 Building Tips?

1. Look at the world around you: cars, buildings, trees, animals. Imagine how you would build those things out of LEGO bricks!

2. Remember that color is important when you are building! If you don’t have enough pieces of the right color, sometimes you can hide the ugly colors on the back or inside of your model.

3. Challenge yourself. Can you build an animal using only standard 2x4 LEGO bricks? Can you build a car without using any wheel pieces? How about building a LEGO person without using Minifigure pieces? What’s the fewest number of elements that you can use to build a spaceship?

4. Practice different kinds of building: Brick only, Studs Not On Top, mosaics, micro scale models, spheres and round objects.

5. Never stop building! Practice until you are really familiar with the different kind of LEGO elements available. You can also practice building really big things using LEGO Digital Designer on the computer!

Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars. My favorite version of Obi-Wan is from #75135 Jedi Interceptor.

Favorite part of being a LEGOLAND Discovery Center Master Model Builder?
I love being able to interact with families and share my love of building with LEGO. It’s also great to be able to design something BIG and then build it in real life!

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